storylines - memories on record

t Storylines, our passion is helping people tell their stories, however big or small. Imagine your grandparents’ lives on film or CD or your own story in a beautiful book for your children. Our professional writers and broadcasters can make this happen. The process is simple and easy and there’s something for everyone’s budget. A Storylines experience is a journey full of laughter and, occasionally, a few tears. Best of all, family and friends will have it forever.


torylines’ principals, Alison Rourke and Lisa Upton, each have 20 years’ experience working around the globe for news and current affairs organisations in print, radio and television. They bring this wealth of international experience to a more intimate setting at Storylines. With a team of first-class writers, broadcasters and camera crews, they create beautiful books, audio CDs and films. These unique gifts are perfect for a special birthday or anniversary.