making a film


e have made the process of creating a Storylines film as simple as possible.


1. Choose who is going to be interviewed, whether it’s yourself,   a relative or friend. 

2. Decide the focus of the interview, whether it’s an in-depth   look at a particular event or a more general interview about   your life.

3. Participate in one or two relaxed research conversations   with a Storylines professional broadcast journalist to   establish the structure and content of the film.

4. Record the on-camera interview (1-2 hours), usually at your   home (if you are making a Storylines Premium film we will   also need to arrange location filming and further  interviews).

5. Give us the photos, music and home video you want to use in   the film. 

6. View a draft copy of the film and direct us to make changes,  if required.  


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